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Golf Car Rental

Rules & Regulations

Rental Agreement Terms & Conditions

Rules & Regulations

  • All golf car operators MUST have a valid driver's license and proof of insurance.

  • Familiarize yourself with and observe all traffic rules. Use hand signals when turning or stopping.

  • Maximum capacity of 2 persons for a 2 passenger golf car and 4 persons for a 4 passenger golf car.

  • PLEASE park the golf in a secure locked garage.

  • This is an electric golf car which requires periodic charging. Be sure the golf car has a full charge before leaving for an extended ride. ALWAYS unplug the charger before moving the golf car. ALWAYS keep golf car plugged in and charging when not in use. You can not overcharge the golf car batteries. When you sense that the golf car is losing power (i.e. sluggish, slowing down) it needs charging.

  • Please Wash The Golf Car When Needed And Please Do Not Spray Any Water In The Battery Compartment!

  • Be SURE to turn off all electrical accessories, especially the lights and have the key switch in the off position.

  • The golf car has forward, reverse and neutral gears. When in reverse you should hear the backup horn (buzzing sound). ALWAYS store·and charge golf car with the key off and in the neutral position.

  • The golf car has forward, reverse and neutral gears. When in reverse you should hear the backup horn (buzzing sound). ALWAYS store·and charge golf car with the key off and in the neutral position.

  • Please Take The Key Out Of The Golf Car When Not ht Use. Especially If Off Premises.

  • There will be a $10.00 charge for each sticker that is left on the golf car.

  • There will be a $20.00 charge for missing key that is not returned to owner.

  • Return golf car in as good condition as you received it.

  • Renter will reimburse the owner for or pay for any damages sustained to the golf car during this rental period.

  • Renter will indemnify and hold the owner & his/her agent harmless from and against all claims, suits and liabilities for any and all damage to any property whatsoever, caused by, arising from, incident to, connected with, growing out of, or related to the use and/or operation of this golf car during this rental period.

  • By checking to AGREE box below, I hereby acknowledge full responsibility for the leased golf car and charger. I further agree to pay JR Thomas Golf Cars the fair market value for damages in excess of normal wear and tear.

Rental Agreement Terms & Conditions

  • Lessor leases to Lessee and Lessee rents from Lessors the equipment described (see delivery receipt). The equipment is leased F.O.B. Lessor's warehouse and Lessee agrees not to remove said equipment to a location other than shown on delivery receipt without written consent of the Lessor, nor shall the Lessee in any way encumber the contract or equipment.

  • Lessee agrees to pay Lessor rental charges specified in advance during the term of this agreement. Lessee shall be liable for and shall reimburse the Lessor for amounts equal to any sale use, license or registration fees levied or based upon rentals, or the equipment, or the use, or the operation there of.

  • Lessee agrees at the expiration of this contract to return at Lessee's expense each unit of equipment to Lessor's warehouse in the same condition as Lessee receives it, less normal wear and tear.

  • Lessee agrees to care for equipment properly, to use it within its rated capacity, to restrict its use to Lessee's qualified personnel and to prohibit anyone other than the Lessor's authorized personnel to perform major repair, excluding minor adjustments, and to notify Lessor immediately of any accidents, disabilities, failures, or like information concerning the equipment. Lessee further agrees to pay for all damage, destruction or disappearance to and of the equipment resulting from improper use, care or abuse of the equipment upon receipt of invoice therefore from Lessor for Lessor's cost and expense repair. Lessee shall take care of normal needs of the equipment, including daily checking of general condition, water level in batteries, recharging batteries, etc.

  • This is a contract of RENTAL only and nothing herein conveys to Lessee any right, title or interest in, or to any of the equipment, except as a Lessee.

  • Lessee agrees that Lessors shall not be liable to Lessee, nor this contract be impugned for Lessor's failure to repair the equipment if disable or furnish substitute equipment for any reason whatsoever and that the Lessor in no event is or shall be liable for special consequential damages of any nature whatsoever or however caused.

  • Lessee assumes all risks and liabilities for and agrees to indemnify, save hold Lessor harmless from all claims and liens, all loss, damage, claims, penalties, liability and expenses, including attorney's fees, however arising or incurred because of the use, operation or storage of the_equipment. Lessee at it's own expense shall carry adequate public liability insurance against bodily injury, including death, and against property damage and shall keep equipment insured at its full insurable value against fire and theft under extended coverage.

  • If Lessee fails to pay any rental or other sum payable hereunder when due, or if Lessee becomes subject to any state or federal insolvency, bankruptcy, receivership, trusteeship, or other similar proceeding or if Lessee shall default in any other term of this contract, Lessor may immediately terminate this contract by notice in writing to the Lessees and repossess all items of equipment in however they may be found, but Lessee shall nevertheless remain liable for all sums then due and unpaid, plus a reasonable amount for attorney's fees and such expense as may be expected in this repossession of said equipment. The remedies provided herein in favor of Lessor shall not be deemed exclusive, but shall be cumulative and shall be in addition to all other remedies existing at law or in equity in Lessors favor. Any notice hereunder shall be in addition to all other remedies existing at law or in equity in Lessors favor. Any notice hereunder shall be deemed sufficiently given, if in writing, it is delivered to Lessee personally, or sent by mail to addressed to Lessee provided by the Lessee.

  • LESSEE AND ALL OPERATORS must be at least 18 years of age and possess a valid driver's license.

Golf Car Rental Agreement

Thank you for completing the rental agreement

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